Apples and Cherries

Airtec’s Air Tower sprayers for Apples, Cherries, and other fruits grown on trellis systems are designed specifically to eliminate the waste associated with traditional Air Blast sprayers

Over the last 25 years, growers have revolutionized their methods of planting with both straight and V-Style Trellis systems becoming the standard. However, traditional Air Blast sprayers designed to spray from the ground up are not able to adapt with those growing practices. These traditional Air Blast sprayers require multiple tip calibration and are not designed to spray evenly in a trellis system creating a significant amount of upward drift, waste, and runoff as a result.

The Airtec Air Tower is designed to spray trellis style planting systems by creating even Air Flow at each nozzle on the Tower allowing for same tip calibration while eliminating upward spray drift and waste. This leads to a more sustainable spray program and better results for all types of applications including thinning, insecticides, fungicides, sun protection, and organic products.

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