Engineering and Product Development

As part of our core mission, Airtec continually invest in engineering and product development.

The company has strived to improve the design of each model of sprayer to incorporate the latest technology in hydraulics, water pumps, electric valves, spray tips, electronic rate controllers, guidance mapping systems, complimentary spray systems and operator creature comforts designed to make each sprayer operate as safely and efficiently as possible in the field.

Airtec has a detailed engineering process for every sprayer to make sure the models are manufactured exactly to customer specifications, integrating all the various options selected during the ordering process. The below field demonstration is an example of providing the customer with detailed layout of how the sprayer will integrate into their current operations.

The video is an example of a custom nursery sprayer with both liquid spray and granular herbicide dry material with the same machine increasing ROI substantially.

Sprayer Field Demonstration