Manufacturing Process

Airtec has a start to finish manufacturing facility including dedicated space for fabrication, welding, assembly, and field testing prior to shipment.

Because Airtec manufactures the entire structure of the sprayer, the customer can make customizations as needed before and during the building process. Airtec uses high quality steel and aluminum raw materials sourced from United States based suppliers.

The majority of Airtec’s raw materials are laser cut, machine formed or rolled, and then welded according to detailed engineering drawings.

After welding, Airtec uses a powder coating process that helps protect the sprayers from the harsh spraying environments in the field by sandblasting, priming, and coating all steel components.

After powder coating, the sprayers move into the final assembly area for structural assembly and installation of all spraying and operating components including tanks, electronics, hydraulics, water plumbing, fans, and air plumbing.

All sprayers are then field tested for performance and checked using various internal metrics to ensure every area of the sprayer is operating at peak performance prior to delivery to the customer.

Because of this process, Airtec stands behind their sprayers once they are in the field.