Specialty and Custom Application Equipment

Airtec can custom design a sprayer for any specialty application need including installation on truck bodies, self-propelled units, skid mounts, ATV’s, and custom trailers.

Airtec can utilize their engineering and manufacturing capabilities to incorporate several options and design features to provide the customer with a customized application solution that fits their individual requirements. These units can include several options that can be mixed and matched based on the customers’ requirements to provide the ultimate application experience. These options include the following:

  • Custom Air Booms
  • Air Towers
  • Air Cannons
  • Custom High-Pressure Booms
  • Granular Application Booms for Herbicide and Fertilizer
  • Hose Reels with handguns
  • GPS guidance systems
  • Engine Drive Units
  • Custom Hydraulics
  • Rate Controllers
  • Over the Top Air booms

Specialty Sprayers

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