Design and Training

Airtec Sprayers has developed several specialized design features and components to make the sprayers operate as efficiently and safely as possible

Airtec takes a end to end view of sprayer operation when designing each model of sprayer to incorporate ease of use and safety in all of the aspects of spraying from filling the tank down to the droplet size of the spray particle. Each of the below design features was developed by Airtec for the various sprayer models.

Tracking Hitch
Airtec’s custom designed tracking hitch mount for trailer sprayers allow for 90 degree turning into and out of spray rows for all sizes of sprayer models. Airtec’s tracking hitch is unique compared to others on the market because the driveline remains independent of the tracking pivot eliminating the maintenance issues associated with other tracking hitches on the market. Airtec’s tracking hitch also includes a stability break for higher speed road travel


Flip-Over and Chicken-Wing Folding Air Booms
Airtec Sprayers custom Air Boom folding sections come in two designs depending on the needs of the grower and size of the boom. Both Air Boom Folding Sections can include an optional air flapper valve to close the Air off to the second section when folded to allow for spraying of multiple crop beds


Spray Material Mixing Bowl
This is the ultimate in spray tank mixing for the operator as it allows all the material to be filled standing at the ground level rather than through the top of the tank lid. It also premixes all the powder and chemical materials, so everything does not get dumped in the spray lid and then mixed. The system is plumbed in line with the water pump, so it operates in a closed loop system on the sprayer.


Air Boom Transport Cradles
This simple design is meant to keep the booms steady when traveling down the road from field to field.


Fresh Water Rinse Tank
Airtec can include secondary freshwater rinse tanks operators can turn on to rinse out spray lines and tips without having to run water back through the main tank.