Repairs and Used Sprayers

Airtec Sprayers, Inc. can do full sprayer maintenance and repairs at their facility located in Winter Haven, FL. In addition to the repair and assembly area of the shop, Airtec has a full welding and fabrication area with full MIG and TIG welding capabilities that can handle all repairs and used sprayer refurbishments necessary to make the sprayers as new again.

Airtec usually has an inventory of used sprayers available of various sizes and models. When Airtec acquires a used sprayer on trade or for a customer refurbishment, Airtec disassembles the entire sprayer for paint burn off, sandblasting, and re-powder coating. Airtec then installs brand new mechanical and spraying components as necessary to bring the sprayer back to “Like New Condition”during the reassembly process

Before and After Photos