Airtec has a full line of citrus spraying equipment including Air Tower Sprayers, Herbicide Sprayers, and specialty trailers

Airtec’s Citrus Air Tower Sprayers are designed to eliminate the drift and waste created with traditional Air Blast sprayers. To achieve coverage, traditional Air Blast sprayers blast high volumes of wind and water from the ground level all the way to the tops of 15’ or taller trees. By design, these sprayers generate a tremendous amount of waste created by upward spray drift (see photo below) as the material eventually goes completely through the trees into the atmosphere. This cost farmers a significant amount of money annually as they are forced to over spray at a higher rate to compensate for this significant loss of material.

Airtec’s Citrus Air Tower can eliminate this waste by targeting the entire tree canopy with an Airtec Air Tower. Airtec’s Air Tower builds static pressure equalizing the large volume of air generated by Airtec’s Fan System so each part of the tree has a consistent air flow and volume of spray. The tower is filled with individual Air Nozzle Cannons that can be adjusted to achieve even coverage through the entire tree from top to bottom. By eliminating waste and targeting the spray coverage at the tree, Airtec Air Tower Sprayers offer superior coverage for fresh and juice citrus growers of Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons, Tangerines, Mandarins, and Limes.

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Drift and waste created by traditional Air Blast sprayer