Nursery Industry

Airtec Sprayers has sprayer models designed for nurseries of all sizes including Container Nurseries, Bare Root Nurseries, Christmas Trees, Tree Farms, Woody Ornamentals, Flowers, Fruit plants, and all other outdoor nursery stock.

Airtec Sprayers offers a full line of nursery spray and application equipment including Air Boom Sprayers, Cannon Sprayers, Combination Granular Sprayers, and small handgun and skid sprayers to service all your spraying needs.

Airtec’s Nursery Cannon sprayers provide growers a more targeted solution than traditional air blast or cheap foreign made cannon sprayers. Airtec specializes in single and double cannon sprayers of all heights and sizes allowing for reduced drift, increased efficiency, and more consistent application of spray. Airtec’s Cannon Sprayers come in both big and small models sized to the size of the tractor and the spray requirements of the grower

Airtec’s Nursery Air Booms are the ultimate in spray efficiency for a container nursery. The Air Boom’s provide superior coverage due to reduced drift improving both pest and disease control and overall plant health. Airtec’s Air Booms can apply all fungicides, insecticides, and liquid herbicides. Additionally, Airtec’s Nursery Air Boom can incorporate a granular application system allowing for all forms of dry fertilizer and granular applications.

Airtec’s line of nursery and greenhouse spraying products include several handgun sprayer options including push carts with electric pumps and skid mount units for small carts and utility vehicles

Airtec Sprayer Models