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Airtec Sprayers, Inc. Product Line


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Canon Sprayers
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Fruit & Vegetable Air Booms

Vegetable Air BoomAirtec Airbooms have been the leading spray applicator for Fruit and Vegetables for many years. Providing heavy duty, dependable, light weight air booms is what we do best. Our machines offer maximum coverage with less material usage. We achieve this by producing a 180 mph wind speed that builds constant static pressure across our air boom. The wind is directed through a specially designed nozzle where the spray is injected into the air stream. During this process the spray material is broken down into a size that is less than 50 microns.


Vegetable Air BoomThis process allows us to do many things. We can spray at very low volume ranging from 10 to 50 gallons per acre. This can result in a 50% reduction of chemical usage which equals savings. This is possible because we get the spray material where it needs to be underneath the canopy where the pest and disease thrive. We also do not need massive amounts of water in our tanks because we use air to carry the spray material. This mean we can mix a more concentrated tank of material which results in less fill ups and more time in the field spraying.

Vegetable Air BoomAirtec offers a wide variety of machine configurations ranging from 20 to 110 foot boom lengths. We offer a 3 point models with 200 gallon tank capacity and up to a 60 foot boom length as well as trailer models ranging from 500 to 1500 gallon capacity and single or tandem walking beam axles.




Tank Size

Boom Length


3 Point 50 to 200 gal. 20 to 60 ft.
Trailer 600 to 1,500 gal. 20 to 110 ft. Single or Walking Beam

Citrus & Orchard Sprayers

Orchard Sprayer
Orchard Sprayers The Airtec Orchard Sprayer uses the same low volume spraying technology as the other sprayer models offered by Airtec. This machine creates 180 mph wind speed out each one of our signature nozzles pushing the spray material in and around the tree getting great penetration through out the whole canopy. Airtec Orchard sprayers have also integrated Copper Ionization which positively charges the spray material allowing the material to adhere to the trees leaves as well as limiting the drift in windy conditions. Along with our low volume spraying technology, the chemical usage rates are decreased and the spraying intervals are increased creating cost savings in the range of 30% to 50%.
Citrus and Orchard Sprayer
Trailer Sprayers up to 1000 gal tanks

Turf Sprayers

Golf Course


Turf Sprayer

Airtec is Proud to release its newest venture, the Airtec Turf Airboom. This machine follows our commitment to low volume spraying with excellent coverage that we are known for. The machine sprays at very low volumes ranging from 5 to 50 gallons per acre. This allows longer spray intervals with less fill ups as well saves chemical by spraying at lower rates. The sprayer generates 180 mph wind speed out of each nozzle shearing the spray particle to a find mist. The air behind the sheared material allows the nozzles to drive the spray down into the crown, thatch and soil. The spray material is also positively charged by incorporating a Copper Ion Generator System. This charges all the spray material in the tank with positively charged copper ions. This allows the spray material to adhere to the turf and also and helps control spray drift on windier days. The Airtec Airboom Turf Sprayer Skid Mount Unit will retro fit to most Golf Utility Vehicles. With an easily managed release system you are able to remove the spray unit to free up the Utility vehicle for other applications.

Turf Modes:



Canon Sprayer Blueberries
Canon Sprayer
Greenhouse Canon Sprayer

Canon Sprayers

Cannon Sprayers Airtec offers a wide variety of versatile cannons sprayers for all types of applications. The sprayer generates a 450mph wind speed that is projected out of our heavy duty aluminum cannons. The spray material is injected into the cannon air stream where it is sheared down to about 50 microns. The wind pushes the spray material outwards of 100 ft. With our side nozzles on our towers we are able to cover the product up close as well. The machine also has integrated Copper Ion Generator which puts a positive charge on the spray material allowing it to adhere to the plant and limit drift in windy conditions. Airtec Cannon sprayers are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from greenhouses, nurseries, and blueberries. We have many configurations for a wide variety of situations. Airtec Sprayers are low volume sprayers that put out spray material at lower levels than normal while maintaining the same level of coverage. The sprayers run from 5 to 50 gallons per acre resulting in savings of both labor and material cost. Airtec Sprayers are also very durable and strong in the right places leading to lower machine maintenance cost.

3 Point Hitch up to 150 gal tank
Single or tandem axles up to 1000 gal tanks







Copper Ionization Systems

Copper IonizationCopper Ionization Fruit WashGreenhouses, Nurseries Packing Houses and Farms have been plagued with algae, bio - slimes, bacteria and scale build up in the irrigation system and wash tanks. Algae, mold and fungi are common problems on plants, trees, plant racks, walls, floors and drip irrigation lines. The Superior Aqua Ionization System automatically injects and circulates copper ions into the irrigation systems and wash tanks The copper ions have a positive charge. Due to this charge, the copper ions have a natural attraction to algae, bio-slimes, molds, bacteria and fungi. Once attached, the copper ions attack these elements. Copper ions increase the waters ability to dissolve scale and bio-slimes. The ionized water circulates through the irrigation system and packing lines and scale and bio-slime are removed. This action virtually eliminates cleaning and frequently replacing spray nozzles and keeps wash water sanitized. The SUPERIOR AQUA SYSTEM is environmentally safe, user friendly, cost effective, listed and certified by UL Laboratories, NSF International, and is EPA registered.


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