Growing Produce Article: Airtec Sprayers Keeps the Pressure on During Pandemic

Growing Produce Article: Airtec Sprayers Keeps the Pressure on During Pandemic

The article “Airtec Sprayers Keeps the Pressure on During Pandemic” is featured on with an interview from Airtec’s CEO Tim Schaal.

As Florida and the nation adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida Grower  magazine is recognizing the important role businesses play in serving specialty crop producers in the state. This month, we are featuring Tim Schaal, CEO of Airtec Sprayers, Inc.

Can you provide a little history of the company, where you are located, and what you do today?

SCHAAL: My father Dale Schaal has been a grower from birth. He learned what it took to get from season to season and crop to crop working his family’s farm. After he moved from the farm, he wanted to help growers by providing technologically advanced equipment, and he focused on sprayers. While being a sprayer dealer, he recognized the need for more effective spray coverage than the traditional high-pressure and air blast sprayers were providing growers. He began developing the first air boom sprayer in his garage by utilizing a pressurized air system to carry the spray and began to research and develop his spraying system with several growers in the field. From there, he founded Airtec Sprayers, Inc. in 1992 and was able to scale the technology to include Air Tower and Air Cannon Sprayers. After building a national customer base across a variety of industries, Airtec opened a dedicated manufacturing facility in 2015 in Winter Haven. Today, the business is managed by his two sons, Dan and me.

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