Nursery Management Article: Eye on Innovation

Nursery Management Article: Eye on Innovation

The article “Eye on Innovation” is featured on with equipment from Airtec.

Hibernia transitioned to applying liquid preemergent herbicides. A 30-foot boom with an Airtec sprayer is attached to a tractor and one crew member can treat half an acre in 7 minutes, which is equivalent to 30,000 3-gallon pots when they’re pot-to-pot, or 10,000 plants when they’re spaced.

Prior to adopting this method, there was a lot of hand-weeding and granular herbicide applications.

“The difference in the cost of efficiency was just humongous,” David says. “There was a learning curve, but we got a lot of help from Dr. Marble at the University of Florida.” Read the full article here.

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