Airtec Sprayers Featured On

Airtec Sprayers Featured On

The article “Ways Sprayer Tech Is Coming up Fruitful in Orchards” is featured on with an interview from Airtec’s CEO Tim Schaal.

Smart Guided Systems sprayer in action

The average sprayer found in U.S. orchards, vineyards, and fields is about 20 years old, making the field ripe for advancement. Several companies have accepted the challenge, though they have approached it in different ways. Here’s a look at those technologies, as well as others centered on such problems as orchard waste management.

“Airtec’s tower sprayers for orchards and Airtec’s over-the-row air boom for vineyards both improve spray coverage while almost eliminating upward spray drift by targeting the plant canopies with air nozzles rather than blasting from the ground upwards like other air blast sprayers,” Schaal says. “This allows growers to focus on how much product is needed on the plant to solve their pest and disease issues rather than having to over spray with complex calibrations just to achieve coverage because they no longer have to account for the wasted spray material.”

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