Nursery Management Article: Hit Your Target

Nursery Management Article: Hit Your Target

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Airtec Air Sprayers improve spray coverage by eliminating the waste created by high pressure boom sprayers, handgun spraying, and traditional air blast sprayers. The waste eliminated includes spray drift, material runoff, lost time, and overall spray efficiency. Airtec Air Sprayers generate high wind speed with the spray material injected in the Air Nozzle or Cannon with a standard spray tip sized for the intended spray rate. This process atomizes the spray further creating a powerful air stream of spray droplets that are then targeted directly at the plant canopy. This process creates leaf movement and turbulence in the plant canopy allowing for the spray droplets to get inside the plant where pest and disease thrive.

The elimination of spray waste by the utilization of Airtec’s Air Sprayer allows growers to use the amount of chemicals needed to achieve control rather than accounting for excess material lost to spray drift, runoff, and waste. This leads to a reduction in water usage, fuel savings, equipment savings, and labor. The Airtec Air Sprayer helps your nursery become more sustainable environmentally, operationally, and financially.

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